Belindo guesthouse

If you are looking for a pleasant location in Indonesia to spend your holiday, then - in our humble opinion - you have just found one of the best. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, you will have all the comfort you are used to at home. If you need to get away from all the hassles, come to us!


Belindo Guesthouse is situated at a quiet, peacefull location at Tuk-tuk, a peninsula on Samosir Island in North Sumatra province. Lake Toba is only about 100 metres away and you have a splendid view over rice fields and Lake Toba from the balcony.


Belindo Guesthouse,
Jalan Gereja,
Tuk-tuk Siadong, Samosir Island, Lake Toba,
North Sumatra,
Indonesia, 22395.
Phone: +62-625-451053, ask for Budi.

Facilities at Belindo Guesthouse

You will have the complete upperfloor at your disposal. This means that you will have a lot of privacy. There are three bedrooms on the upperfloor (25 m2, 15 m2, 10 m2), each with two separate beds, a closet, two soft chairs and a little table. The beds can be moved from one room to another, which is often done for families with little children, traveling through Indonesia. All three bedrooms have a door to the balcony that surrounds the entire upperfloor.

On the lakeside the balcony is 5x12m. This balcony might just offer the very best view in all of Sumatra and maybe even in all of Indonesia. There are four chairs and two small tables on this part of the balcony. On the frontside the balcony is 2x12m (this is where the smallest of the bedrooms has a door).

The bathroom has a luxurious bath/shower with warm and cold water and a separate sink. Ofcourse, there's a Western style toilet.

Downstairs there's a refridgerator that you can use and there's a color tv with a satellite dish, so channels like CNN/NBC/BBC World/MTV, etc. can be received.

Extra facilities

You can also rent a scooter or a bicycle to discover Tuk-tuk and Samosir.
Furthermore: at Budi's place you can rent books. He has several hundreds of English and Dutch books available.

Belindo prices

Prices underneath are for the entire upperfloor, regardless of the number of visitors. Maximum number of visitors: 6.
Check in time: 16.00h.
Check out time: 12.00h.


One night
US$ 15,00

One week
US$ 90,00

One month
US$ 300,00

One year
US$ 2750,00


If you are staying just a couple or days or a few weeks (max. 1 month), payment is due at the last day of your stay. If you are staying longer than one month, you are kindly requested to pay at the end of each month, as well as at the last day of your stay. Ofcourse, prices are prorated, meaning that if you booked for a year, you will have to pay US$ 229,00 each month.


There are no costs involved in cancelling your planned stay at Belindo. We hope you realize however that the sooner we know, the better our chances to find someone else to take your place.
When you decide to shorten your stay, prices are recalculated. Example: you booked for two weeks (US$180,00), but you decide to move on after 12 days, you will be charged for one week (US$90,00) and for five days (US$75,00).

Belindo Regulations


You will find the actual prices elsewhere on this site. Included are: Prices for water, electricity as well as prices for gas (butane). This will only be the case with "normal use". This means that when you place a washing machine or use a lot of electrical devices, you can be charged for additional costs. Ask the property master for details. Prices can be changed by a maximum of 10% per year. When you are renting Belindo for a period longer than six months, you will receive a notice on any price modification at least two months in advance.

Extra facilities.

If you are staying longer than three months, it is possible to have a phone upstairs. This phone is for your private use. Any costs will have to be paid by you, including the monthly fees. The owner of Belindo reserves the right to phone to Belindo and ask you to call the property master (Budi Giawa), who lives just in front of Belindo.

Property master

The property master is Budi Giawa, nobody else. When you are having problems that have to be fixed, you will have to ask him.

No loud music

We would like to keep Belindo a peacefull and quiet place. Therefore you are kindly requested not to play loud music after 11.00h PM or make any other loud noises.


It is not allowed to smoke marihuana or use any other soft or hard drug in or near Belindo. Remember that penalties in Indonesia are very severe. If we discover that you do not live up to this rule, you will have to leave Belindo immediately.


You will have to take care of your own insurance. This is both in regard to your personal belongings, medical insurance as well as any damage inflicted by you on Belindo. For instance: when Belindo is set on fire by a mistake you made, YOU will be held liable and YOU will have to pay for ALL expenses related to the full recovery of Belindo. We can not be held liable for theft or damage to your belongings as well as any health problems related to your stay in Belindo.


When moving out, Belindo must be in the same state as it was at the time you moved in. You will have to pay for any damages inflicted by you. You have to report any damage inflicted. When the hot water boiler or water pump are broken while you are renting Belindo, part of the costs might be imposed on you. A small explanation: you know that the prices for renting Belindo are "Indonesian" prices. Unfortunately things like water pumps are considered "luxury goods" and therefore are extremely expensive and may in fact even be more expensive than what you pay in Europe or the USA. Ofcourse, this is all within reason, meaning that if you only planned to stay a couple of days and the water pump is broken, you don't have to worry about paying a lot for it. In the table underneath you will find the details.

Duration of stay.

% of costs to be paid. = 1 week and = 1 month and = 6 months 50%

Holiday of the owner

The owner of Belindo has the right to move in for his own holiday. You will receive a notice at least three months before the planned arrival of the owner. For the period the owner wants to stay, you will have to move to another place. Your expenses will not be paid by Belindo. You will receive a refund on your payments for the rental of Belindo, however. The maximum length of the period the owner can stay at Belindo, while you are renting it, is 8 weeks per year or 12 weeks in total, in case the period is around Christmas and New Year.

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