Places to go in Tuk-tuk, Samosir island

Restaurants in Tuk-tuk

It seems as if almost everybody in Tuk-tuk has it's own restaurant. It is probably a more comfortable way to earn a living than to work in the sawah (rice field) all day. Because of the number of restaurants, the competion is hard and prices are low. A few of them stand out of the crowd and serve better quality and have a nice atmosphere.

If you want to taste some local Batak dishes, please ask Budi at Belindo guesthouse. You can have some 'Sang-sang' (pork chop), Ikan mas (goldfish - like the ones in your aquarium..) or taste some 'tuak' - a local kind of appetizer. Most of the restaurants don't serve those dishes.

Below you will find information on some of the restaurants in Tuk-tuk.


Anju is one of the nicest restaurants on Tuk-tuk. Very friendly people, nice atmosphere and great food. You have to try their "rujaks". Also some great western food. This is one of the few restaurants (Carolina's does too) that bring their one fridge when buying meat in Pematang Siantar - which is about 2 hours away, so you don't have to worry about your stomach. They also serve some nice cocktails. Our favourite is "Samosir sunrise".


Ebikel is a very small restaurant, right next to Carolina's. They have a few nice seats in the garden. Their 'nasi goreng' (fried rice) is very good (they also serve fried rice, Hawaiian style).


Carolina was the first place for tourists on Samosir Island and still is the most famous. Although it has grown to about 50 rooms (most of them traditional style bungalows), it still feels like a small guesthouse. Very friendly people who will remember your name. Carolina's is set in one of the best locations of all of Tuk-tuk. A beautiful garden, with lots of flowers, a nice sandy beach and very quiet. Try their Chinese steak over rice. Avoid eating here when the restaurant is completely full (at the end of "ramadan" or with "imlek" (Chinese New Year)), because you might have to wait a long time before your food is being served.


Hisar's restaurant is situated right near the shore of Lake Toba. You can play rummikub with the owner. They have a nice garden with a beautiful view over Lake Toba. A very relaxed place to be.

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