Places to go - Siguragura

Lush rain forest

Siguragura is one of the best kept secret places to go around Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. Siguragura is one of two dams that are being used to gain electrical power. Together those two dams produce about 430 Megawatts. Most of this power is used for PT Inalum, a company gaining aluminium (far away from this idyllic site). Siguragura and Harimo (the second and most beautiful dam and waterfall) are situated in a beautiful environment, with lots of dense rain forest, mountains and plenty of wild life. If you are lucky you will see siamangs (large, black monkeys) and komodo's of about 1.5 meter.

You will need to have a permit though (from Medan), to enter this area - and this is probably the reason for this beautiful place to have so few visitors each year.

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