Simanindo at Samosir Island

"Tortor" - Traditional Batak dance

Simanindo is situated on the northern tip of Samosir Island at Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. Visit traditional Batak dances (tortor) at Huta Bolon, just next to the road and also nearby the lake (so you can also go by boat). Especially the "Sigalegale" dance is very nice to watch. A wooden puppet representing a deceased son is moved by strings.

There is also a little museum at Huta Bolon with some very nice ancient Batak artifacts. In a beautiful traditional village surrounded by earth walls with bamboo on top and some huge banyan trees, you can watch a very nice dancing performance. You can take some very nice pictures here, don't miss out!

Giant banyan tree at Simanindo
Giant banyan tree at Huta Bolon, Simanindo

Performances (about 45 minutes):
Monday-Saturday: Start on 10h30. 2nd performance starts on 11h45.
Sunday: Start 11h45.
Entrance fee (1999): Rp. 5.000.


In 2002 Huta Bolon village at Simanindo and the adjacent museum were devastated by fire. The village however has been restored to it's original splendor.

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