Natural reserves in Sulawesi

Tangkoko-Dua Saudara

The reserve starts at sea level and reaches 1,109 meters in an area of 4,446 sq. meters.

By road from Manado, North Sulawesi, across the peninsula to Bitung harbor, then by boat. Two small post guards within the reserve offer basic shelter, food and camping equipment. There is an interesting volcanic scenery and wildlife including anoas, macaques, babi-rusas, tarsiers, pygmy squirels, cucusea (marsupial phalangers), and hornbills. Megapode birds, lay their eggs in areas of volcanically heated sands.

Lore Kalamanta

The altitude ranges from 700 to 2,000 meters over an area of 131,000 hectares.

By road from Palu, Central Sulawesi south to Kulawi (70 kilometers) or Gimpu (130), then on foot with guides/hired porters, camping gear and food stuffs over the 1800 meters ridge into the valleys beyond. There are no facilities, but accommodation can be found in occasional villages of the Western Toraja people, who travel the paths into and out of their isolated valleys regularly to trade.

The reserve includes fine lowland and mountain forests, many streams, much wildlife especially the anoa (swarf buffalo), babi-rusa, and black macaques. Interesting megaliths are found in the valleys.

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