Indonesia is ideal for surfing all year round. Some areas are the best by strong shore hugging currents which, while not bothering the experienced surfer, make them unsuitable for beginners and swimmers. Java’s southern coast is longer than california's pacific coastline. Long sandy beaches separated by rocky headlands or occasional peninsulas are plentiful where conditions are excellent for surfing. a good place for beginners, but still satisfactory for the more advanced is the beach near batu keras, west of the nature reserve and local resort of pangandaran. Small but steady right-handers roll in over a sandy bottom.

Boogie boards are good fun here too. Batu Keras is about an hour's drive west of Pangandaran village, where there is ample accommodation. Avoid the bay between Batu Keras and the Pangandaran peninsula, as strong currents run parallel to the shore except in the sheltered cove near the reserve itself.

Another area rapidly becoming increasingly popular with surfers is at Pelabuhan Ratu, a three-hour drive from either Jakarta or Bandung, situated on Java's southern coast, the Indian Ocean. A few miles from this fisherman's port going west on a scenic coastal road with wild beauty on your right and the impressive ocean waves on your left, you will notice all kinds of adequate facilities. But the best place to go to is beyond the 4-star Samudra Beach Hotel, towards the village of Cisolok where beach surrounding are lovely, distinctly tropical and where the ocean is at its best. Its relative proximity from Jakarta or Bandung has certainly been a major factor which gave rise to rapid growth in this area where prices are still very moderate and its seafood excellent.

The western beaches of the Blambangan peninsula, Java's easternmost extension have also attracted the attention of surfers. The whole peninsula is a nature reserve, known for its sea turtle nesting beaches and its good waves but little else. Most surfers reach it by boat from Bali.

With its greater share of the tourist traffic, especially from Australia, the needs of sporting tourists are more obviously catered to in Bali than elsewhere in Indonesia.

Good places for surfing in the west monsoon (October to March) are Nusa Dua and Sanur in Bali.

Between April and September, Kuta Beach is better, and for advanced and serious practitioners of the art there is also Ulu Watu on the west coast of the peninsula.

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