Ingredient: Chillies - Cabai, also called cabe or lombok

Several types of chilli pepper are used with the amount of heat increasing as the size of the pepper diminishes.

Green chillies are the unripe fruit, and have a flavour different from ripe red chillies.

Fresh, finger-length red chillies are the most commonly used in some dishes, especially in Sumatra.

Dried chillies should be torn into pieces and soaked in hot water to soften before grinding or blending.

Hottest of all chillies are the tiny fiery bird's-eye chillies (cabe rawit).

To reduce the heat of the dish while retaining the flavour, remove some or all of the seeds.

Be careful to wash your hands throughly after handling chillies as the oil can burn your eyes and skin. You may even like to wear rubber gloves.

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